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At the outset, I hereby convey my compliments to the Conference Chairman, Global Brand Ambassador & members of the Advisory Board of the Oil Spill India (OSI)-2016, on the launch of the 4th edition of the OSI Conference slated to be held in August 2016 at Mumbai.
Oil Spill India has now come a long way since its inaugural take – off four years ago. I am confident that the OSI would go from strength to strength as years roll by.
The theme of the upcoming conference ‘Commitment, Synergy & Excellence ‘is extremely contemporary, topical and futuristic. The sheer scale of maritime incidents like oil spill are so daunting & challenging that we need to collectively push the frontiers of cutting-edge technology and innovation that would drive synergies in planning, prevention, response, containment & restoration efforts to redress, mitigate & pre-empt such incidents, going forward. While technology, knowledge & innovation are the need of the hour, there is a compelling imperative for capacity building / human resource development and creation of a very calibrated & dispersed awareness.
There are a multitude of stakeholders who need to be on board this vital national disaster response preparedness mission. To be fore-armed is to be fore-warned. In the run-up to the event it is extremely crucial that there is mass dissemination of information & awareness about this theme as the same is at a discount, largely. Looking at the climate change forces & dynamics at play, globally, the future generations will clearly hold us as having been derelict if we do not contribute individually & collectively towards the cause of environmental protection.
While I look forward to the OSI Conference in August 2016, please be assured that as the National Maritime Administration of India, the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India will be more than happy to collaborate and partner with the OSI 2016. I exhort all the stakeholders involved in this extremely challenging, complex task and convey my best wishes for the success of this event.
Deepak Shetty, IRS
Director General of Shipping &
Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India
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